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Nawel GRANT is a young emerging artist born in 1992. She questions how each of us defines and presents ourselves to the world.


Nawel GRANT was born and raised in France. She builds her identity between a French culture brought by her mother and a Moroccan culture brought by her father. Her art reflects the identity questions she might ask herself beyond cultural identity. Like many sensitive echoes, her work evokes, in the discreet folds of everyday life—between a sofa, a glass of wine or a watering can—addiction and resilience, solitude and the crowd, psychological distress and romance, death and desire.

Artist statement

My work focuses on representing the human individual as a complex social being. To achieve this, I create numerous palimpsests on my own work. Using mixed techniques, I develop a narrative through successive layers, always leaving fragments of the lower layers visible. Finally, in the foreground, I use oil painting to create a very tight framing on figurative elements. This zoom is what we see at first glance; then, one must get closer to explore the richness of the background. This double reading effect is reminiscent of the process of meeting someone. At first, we rely on appearances, and it is only when we learn each other's stories that a form of recognition and empathy is established.

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